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I’m running for BD Marketing Director

image of Christina and Pinky
I’m running for a seat on the board of British Dressage as the Marketing Director (click here to find out more about what the board does & who is on it at the moment).  Member votes decide who is elected & you can’t vote until the 14th of July but I wanted to jump in early to share my background as to why I think I’m the ideal choice for the role and the 2 key issues that I want to focus on and to get as much feedback as possible from members.
Below is the information that is also shown on the British Dressage website about my nomination.  I welcome your thoughts and questions – if you scroll to the bottom of the page you can add your comments and I hope you will.  You can also contact me privately here & I will be at a number of major dressage shows during the summer where I’d be delighted to meet you in person.

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and breathe!

Brithdir woods

A change in location and pace after the madness of launch week – back up to the mountains of North Wales. Not time off exactly, re-opening the Your Gift House shop for the summer season and training our lovely new manager. But the days were short and with no horses, internet, landline & hardly any mobile reception, there wasn’t much else to do apart from enjoy the fresh air.

This is the “back garden” – 90 acres of mostly oak woodland, a site of special scientific interest and a pretty awesome stress buster!

A good reminder of how important it is to take time out to rest and more importantly refresh the brain cells. A long car journey back = lots of thinking time and a whole new marketing campaign planned! Worth the trip for that alone…

Balance – what balance?

I’m excited to be joining a new mastermind group this month.  I’ve been hunkered down working really hard on my new web start-up and deliberately been a bit blinkered so that I can focus on creating not consuming & getting my new baby launched. It’s worked as I’ve been the most productive that I’ve ever [...]

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Calm, Forward And Straight

Any horse owning readers of this blog might be familiar with the title. If dressage is your horse sport of choice, you’ll probably have it tattooed across the back of your brain. As I get closer to the launch of the biggest and most ambitious business project of my life, it seems a good mantra [...]

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The saddest part of the Armstrong story

I’ve always had a small fascination with road cyclists.  As a kid, I remember watching the Tour de France on TV each summer, bizarrely, when staying in a motel for the Royal Welsh agricultural show.  As an adult, I’m fascinated by performance psychology, in business and in sport so I devoured all of Armstrong’s books, [...]

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The 5 BIGGEST Mistakes People Make Networking

Business networking has become an essential activity for micro, small and medium sized companies, entrepreneurs, and even the larger corporates are sending out their sales and marketing senior staff to ‘network’. Now, I meet a lot of people networking as I run a networking organisation, so I see all the time the biggest mistakes that [...]

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